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MS-Pillar Phosphopeptide Challenge
The Human Proteome Project invites all HUPO members to participate in the MS-Pillar Phosphopeptide challenge. This challenge is a partnership between HUPO, Synpeptide Co. Ltd (, and more recently ReSyn Biosciences has added its support. The diversity of possible sample contaminants, variability in starting material, and assortment of possible reagents & tools used in sample preparation, have ensured that it remains the Achilles Heel of Mass Spectrometry. The variability in MS data quality provides an unacceptable level of reproducibility for routine sample preparation workflows. This severely hampers inter-lab collaboration by preventing comparison of proteomics data. Synpeptide Co. Ltd is providing a complex set of human phosphopeptides (Ser, Thr or Tyr, singly and multiply phosphorylated) and their unphosphorylated counterparts that can be used for method development and verification for phosphopeptide enrichment, sequence analysis by mass spectrometry and bioinformatic evaluation. HUPO members can request a set of the peptides for analysis. To support this challenge, ReSyn Biosciences will supply a kit consisting of its award winning magnetic reagents to Challenge participants, with the aim of enabling automation, expediting workflows, and improving reproducibility for phosphopeptide enrichment. The kit contains 2 ml each of MagReSyn® Ti-IMAC, Zr-IMAC, and HILIC, and a 4-place magnetic separator. Please contact us at and inquire about your free kit. Please visit the MS-Pillar Phosphopeptide Challenge webpage for more information