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MagReSyn® SAX 
MagReSyn® SAX (strong anion exchanger) is a magnetic polymeric microsphere support designed for capture, purification and recovery of biomolecules such as proteins/peptides, enzymes, antibodies by exploiting differences in net charge to reversibly adsorb oppositely-charged molecules. MagReSyn® SAX is ideal for fractionation of complex biological mixtures (e.g. serum, plasma, urine, CSF, cell lysates, culture supernatants etc.) prior to analytical methods such as 2-dimensional electrophoresis, HPLC or Mass Spectrometry. The microspheres have an exceptional capacity allowing for unparalleled experimental miniaturization and elution in minimal volume. Support: Proprietary polymer microspheres containing iron oxide (magnetite) Binding capacity: > 20 (BSA) Bead size: ~5-10 µm Formulation: 20 suspension in 20% ethanol
For rapid protein fractionation by ion exchange
C   H   3   N   +   R   C   H   3   C   H   3
Performance superiority of MagReSyn® SAX over the leading alternate suppliers’ supports. Green bar represents MagReSyn® SAX, orange bars represent alternate suppliers. MagReSyn® SAX microspheres show significantly enhanced binding capacity. Values used for alternate products are the respective suppliers’ claimed capacities.
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MagReSyn® SAX Performance Superiority
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