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Support: Proprietary polymer microspheres containing iron oxide (magnetite) Binding capacity: > 10 µg phosphopeptide per mg support Bead size: 5-10 µm average Formulation: 50 suspension in 20% ethanol
ZrO2-functional microspheres for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment
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The highly-specific capture of phosphorylated peptides from complex protein digests pose a significant challenge to proteomics researchers. Several technologies with varying degrees of specificity and affinity have been developed to enrich phosphopeptides. These different technologies can be used either alone or in combination to increase coverage of the phosphoproteome. MagReSyn® ZrO2  microspheres allow highly specific, reproducible enrichment of phosphopeptides from complex biological samples such as protein digests. MagReSyn® ZrO2 microspheres may be used alone or in combination with MagReSyn® TiO2, MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC and/or MagReSyn® Ti-IMAC microspheres to enrich diverse types of phosphopeptides for comprehensive phosphproteomics analyses.
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MagReSyn® ZrO2 
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