Products supplied by ReSyn Biosciences (Pty) Ltd are for research purposes only. ReSyn products are not to be used for diagnostic, therapeutic or commercial purposes. Commercial means any use resulting in monetary gain, including, but not limited to, incorporation in a kit, repackaging and re-formulation. Please enquire about sub-licenses for commercial use.
The high-performance MagReSyn® products are suitable for a range of proteomics, molecular and cell biology applications. The products are HT compatible and suitable for automation of workflows. The ReSyn polymer technology has been derivatized into a range of magnetic microsphere products with high capacity and specificity, to meet the most stringent R&D requirements. We are continually developing innovative new products to provide enhanced solutions for every application. Our custom range of MAX products offers the highest capacity with low leaching (available on request with lead time of 2 weeks). These solutions take full advantage of the exceptional volumetric capacity of the microspheres and ensures isolated biologicals may be eluted in the lowest possible volume, and further enables isolation (and automation) of target biologicals from high- content samples.   ReSyn products can be purchased online via PayPal®, or alternately via our distributors. If you have any queries relating to availability of our products, or would like a quote in your local currency please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.
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MagReSyn®  Magnetic bioseparations
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